Nia is a worldwide fitness technique which is spreading slowly – organically – it has been growing in Scotland for 18+ years .

Nia is also worldwide in 55+ countries. Its been 35 years worldwide and 25+ in the UK.

Nia Technique – workout, practice, and lifestyle – was created by Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas in 1983. Debbie and Carlos were inspired by their commitment to make fitness and health a holistic experience
accessible to all people. Nia soon became known for its legendary barefoot fusion style but is in fact also subtly about awareness and moving in a healthy way which supports you for life-long ease of movement and health.

A Nia Class in Scotland

Nia Classes follow different routines with easy to follow moves designed to waken every muscle and move every joint. Nia moves are based on dance, martial arts, tai chi and yoga principles and other techniques.  Its not necessary to go down to the floor to do Nia and although barefoot is best – shoes or gripper socks are also an option. It’s kind to your body and , whatever your starting point, you can work at the level you want to for your ability and current fitness.  

some Nia Scotland Teachers and students

The soundtracks are inspiring with music from around the world designed to get you moving with enjoyment.   Nia means community, great music and moves that feel good!

Nia is suitable for any age, mobility or flexibility level or ability and improves balance, agility, flexibility and strength, it gives cardiovascular conditioning, increases body awareness and is pleasurable, stress-busting and absorbing.

By design, Nia helps your body move the way it is meant to, honoring your skeleton, your muscles, connective tissue, and everything else! By design, it makes you stronger.

A Nia Class in Scotland

Nia encourages movement for pleasure for the simple reason that the body will start to move so efficiently and with freedom – unblocking muscular tension and breaking down those self built walls in the mind…. and so transforming inner wellbeing and overall health.

Nia is not just a fitness class, there is a body-wellness and awareness technique ‘The Nia Technique’ behind it which informs and inspires the class.  You don’t need to be coordinated or to be able to dance. The Nia Teacher guides everyone to be able to move at their own level and range of movement.  It really is suitable if you are unfit or unused to exercise and it is also an antidote to some of the super-high intensity classes that seem to be all the rage now.

Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers. The Nia ‘genre’ includes several types of class: the most widespread and orginal type is ‘The Nia Class’ (also known as ‘Classic Nia’).

There is also ‘Nia Moving To Heal’ (with slower gentler movement) and Nia Move IT (kind-to-the body interval-based movement using Nia’s sensory-based somatic foundation moves -The Nia 52 Moves). There are also a few other Nia class types available worldwide which we don’t (as yet) teach in Scotland.

Some of our Scottish Nia Teachers

In Scotland we have a vibrant community of Nia Fitness and Wellness Teachers and Nia class members. We support each other and have ‘Scotland Loves Nia’ events and community get togethers. Annually we have visiting Nia Faculty Trainers to give two-weeks of various workshops and events including the 7 Day Nia White Belt immersion which is open to those seeking to teach Nia, deepen their enjoyment of their Nia class, improve their personal health, movement, awareness and wellbeing – or any of the above!

More Scottish Nia Teachers!

This year the Nia White Belt will take place in Edinburgh

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